Cafe Viggo – Our First Jakobsen ! … Nice to know that the first café we designed in Aarhus in 1996, is still going strong …

The Café took its name from a Grocer Viggo Jorgensen whom in 1930 built one of Denmarks first houses made from iron concrete, it was one of the first department stores.
Café Viggo opened in 1996 as one of the first cafées located by the stream in Aarhus, – some almost laughed claiming owners Inge and Uffe Jakobsen wouldn’t succeed – As Viggo Jorgensen they did !

Since the original design in 1996 we have polished it a couple of times – most recently in 2007.
One thing no one wants to change about Café Viggo, is the fact that it is a café !
Yes, they do serve dinner but it is not a restaurant. Yes, they do serve fancy drinks to the DJs choice of music, but they are not a bar nor a club – Café Viggo is a café.
The interior design is, every time, planned and executed to be able to transform into Café Viggo needs during days and evernings. Off course it only works because Viggo made sure to bring in the correct staff to do it !

Café Viggo is located at Aaboulevarden – a café and restaurant street in Aarhus, Denmark. It is a great pleasure to have designed all the cafées and restaurants Jakobsen has opened since 1996 – A friend of us even changed the street name from Aaboulevarden to AaBonnevarden …

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