Client: Qumei Furniture
Completed: 2002

Audio wizard (video): Torben Westergaard … the master himself !

1 seat + 4 legs + 1 back = 1 chair, that’s the very clever math we did in 2002 when we designed “Dad’s Chair”.

The #102 Lounge Chair is a “sitter’s” chair – it doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, skinny or well fed, kid or granny, you will surely find your own perfect ‘sit’.
Some even say they need a schedule to own this chair – everybody want’s to sit here – all the time!

When we first designed the chair it was meant to be a dining chair. It was all right, it was fine, maybe even OK, except it was not RIGHT RIGHT ! So we dropped something very heavy on top of it in the 3D model – and VOILA – we designed the perfect lounge chair. Some call it a classic – we just love it …

Audio wizard (video): Torben Westergaard … the master himself !

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