Castenskiold … even the name sounds great.

The name … that’s where we started when we first designed Castenskiold in 2004. It is the name of the first owner of this place, he even had a Coat of Arms running in the family. We carefully transformed that into being the Castenskiold logo, used on the façade, on wall paper, on the porcelain, the wine glasses, the cutlery and, and, and …
In fact most of what went into Castenskiold we designed for Castenskiold – the bar, the vitrine, the sofa’s, the wall cushions, the slats, the tables, the benches and most of the lamps … and no not the big lounge chair, we designed that a couple of years before …

The building itself, was not even there when we started designing the place – and good for us, since we had the possibility to change things into being more useful as a cafe and restaurant. One thing we didn’t change though was the ceiling height – it was huge, nearly 5 meters – seen from a visual point of view that was great, only thing was that we then had to be extremely careful with the acoustics in the building. To make a long story short, we took good care of that – so good care that several recording studios started using the place as a “test-room” when they should do the last touch-up for a new recording.

The Details are not the Details. They make the Design – said by Charles Eames and he for sure knew !
Without any comparison at all – he and Ray were Masters – this place is really Details in a certain order – that’s Castenskiold.

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