A Grand Old Lady … 150 years of attending kings, queens, celebrities and the rest of us.

150 Years Jubilee Book for Hotel Randers, 2006
150 Years Anniversary Book for Hotel Randers, 2006

We were so lucky to be asked to design this book for the 150 anniversary of Hotel Randers. We had no idea of how many amazing, funny and distinctive stories surrounds the history of this hotel…

The book invites you to join the hotel on its journey through a world of humorous, innovative, vivid, exiting and different stories about the royal Danish family, shoe shiners, H.C. Andersen, Victor Borge, Josephine Baker, hotel sewing room, American Grill, 2500 domestic flights, the first Jutlandic garage facility, TV takes for Danish series “Krøniken” and much more …

You may browse the anniversary book clicking the image above.

If You fall in love with the book you may buy it at Hotel Randers by calling the Hotel Randers reception on +45 86 42 34 22. The anniversary book is only available in danish, and it is a limited edition, though.

For further information please visit http://www.cafemathisen.dk or http://www.hotelranders.dk

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