Client: Mindworking A/S
Arcitecture/Interior design completed: 2007
Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Client: Mindworking A/S
Design completed: 2007

The gap from old to new, from old building to modern domicile. The company Mindworking develope sales and marketing software for businesses working in the real estate industry.
Rather different from earlier users of this property … back in 1690 it was homes for poor widows, the estate was named Paradise – let’s just hope it was for the people living there. Later on, approx. 1859, parts of the property was sold and the Paradisgade School was built here – on the remaining part of the property a new house was built, the Workers Union had their office and checkpoint here for some years, and it is the house we see today … give or take.

Well, one hundred and some years later Mindworking bought the property, now to be used as their own company “Paradise” – a modern domicile for a modern company. We were fortunate enough to be chosen to do this architectural challenging job. Challenging since we had to fulfil the 2007 building regulations and respect the old buildings, we had to create modern work spaces and fulfil the regulations for these, and, and, and …

It would be extremely boring to tell the story about those often conflicting regulations, and how we worked around and with them … so then what ?

Well, we focused on all the benefits of having a very old house to work with … old brick walls, old wooden beams, not straight walls, many levels and absolutely wired spaces, corners and connections, actually all the things almost impossible to have in a brand new building.
We chose to value and show as much of the old building as possible, and obviously designed all the new in a modern but contemporary style, using “real” materials in a modern design – we minded the gap, so to speak …

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