… Is it possible to buy some of that oil, pesto, marmalade or …. we had with our meal ?

The question is often asked at Hotel Randers and in Café Mathisen … well the answer is “but off course”. At Hotel Randers they decided to scale up the production of these delicacies for all of us all to take home.
We do not know of any other source of Strawberry marmalade touched by Tarragon, Mirabelle marmalade gently mystified by Saffron or Crisp Bread so crisp you will be “happy in your teeth” … so to speak
Many of the ingredients came directly from “Fruen’s” own garden in Ebeltoft, Denmark – all prepared with great skills in the hotel kitchen, and without any preservatives … all though we think they added a little love …

So what did we do ? We wrapped it all … Starting out looking at what is typical Hotel Randers – the mosaics – we designed the labels, the booklets, the brochures, the packaging … and yes we do like what is inside !

For more information please visit http://www.hotelranders.dk

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