… SUPERYACHTS is the headline for the 4th edition of Glyn Peter Machin product Book.

Yacht Furniture Catalogue for Glyn Peter Machin, 2012
Yacht Furniture Catalogue for Glyn Peter Machin, 2012

The Glyn Peter Machin Product Book 4 is going BIG ! it looks like fun – doesn’t it ?!

The Glyn Peter Machin Studio is now handling the big yachts and have bigger clients. This meant adjusting the book 4 to new standards and new demands.
The size of the product book changed dramatically, the amount of pages increased and the expectations to quality of paper, to printing and binding the book were all raised. A jacket with an amazing yacht was chosen to protect the book cover and to catch your attention.

The cover is presenting the core business of the Glyn Peter Machin company, the blue color is still in and the orange color returned from its book 3 yacht trip and crawled inside the book.
More scene images was added to show the products in their real habitats.
Mentioned scene images are not easy to get hold of ! The yacht owners are often very serious about their privacy. Naturally that fact makes it almost impossible to obtain scene images from these yachts showing Glyn Peter Machin’s designs. So being able to collect the scene images shown in the book 4 gives the Book a very exclusive touch – almost a coffee table book …

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