… When you finally stop partying and get away from the uchi uchi uchi, you get to see the real Ibiza – a marvelous and scenic island, where you can only spend too little time.

Vila Can Tais, Ibiza 2013
Vila Can Tais, Ibiza 2013

We were called in to design a house for leisure, based on an old traditional Ibiza house … at that time some had already made an effort to destroy the “soul” of these old walls. A “soul” which we immediately recognized as being the foundation for a very very nice house … along with a few other things …
We stripped and “exhibited” these very rough old walls behind the new window and sliding door facade, added a little light and got ourselves a “sculpture” – and, by the way, met the insulation requirements at the same time. Even though these old, and very textured walls are charming as they are, we designed the rest of the house very “sharp” with smooth natural surfaces and textures – much like if you imagine a collision between a medieval building and a modern Japanese minimalist concrete building.
Devil is in the detail – as always – so we framed some of the windows and doors with Corteen, to define a distinct line from old to new, we added modern light fixtures, door and window handles … anyway see for yourself, below is a huge 156 picture gallery from dawn to dusk, so take your time …

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