Client: Torben Westergaard
Completed: 2014

Tangofied II Album Cover, 2014
Tangofied II Album Cover, Torben Westergaard, 2014 – © Bonnelycke mdd

“It will be Tangofied” was the expression used for what was going to happen to Torben Westergaard’s compositions, when he first brought them to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are honored to have the opportunity to do the artwork for Torben Westergaard’s release Tangofied II. Honored since we for quite some time, years actually, have enjoyed Torben’s music here in the design office – in a distance you may argue – but really close, present, precise and yet spacious when played, we will reply …

Those terms was our “sketch” for the cover design – while listening to the “still in production” music, it all fell into place – the typography, the colors, the alignment, the spaces and the non-aligned portrait of Torben. Luckily Torben felt the same way, he commented: “…and what a great job you did! It is always a sensitive moment: to find out what music looks like. And you found it – happy and thankful am I !”

Go get Tangofied by the complete album on iTunes or purchase directly from Torben Westergaard.

… and guess who is helping us “audiofy” some of our designs. The audio tracks for the films and animations on our site is Torben’s credit … and frankly it just made them a thousand times better, thank you, Torben!

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