Client: Seismonaut
Location: Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark
Completed: 2014

Breakout Space, Seismonaut 2014, Photo: Morten Fauerby
Breakout Space, Seismonaut 2014, Photo: Morten Fauerby

Seismonaut is best described as a strategic innovation and concept consultancy … well that means they help clients to navigate digital technologies and new media. Even though Seismonaut helps others navigate, help was needed to navigate their brand new offices themselves.
Seismonaut asked if we would look into that … meaning to come up with a suggestion for a lighting scheme and how to furnish their new offices … YES off course we would.
An office is a workspace, at least this one is, that means a bunch of people are located in the same space for several hours every each day, so what is more natural than trying to create that space as comfortable and roomy, yet as efficient as possible ?

Luckily the floor plan is laid out with a lot of smaller units – meeting rooms, “Skype” room and more – they are all integrated in the bigger space as boxes and as such they create other “rooms” in between. To experience a well illuminated space, shadows are equally important as the light itself.
Fortunately we had the “space boxes” and in between lower ceiling heights to help us out – so we illuminated in between using the tiltable ceiling lamp Alba.
Higher spaces such as the hallway, the working space and the conference area we used the pendant Orbit – for the very simple reason that in these areas the lamps have to hang high and an overall illumination is required, Orbit is both up and down light, as such it is possible to illuminate both the walls and floor, at the same time as the tilted ceiling reflects the up light.
Over the desks in the work space we chose to hang MIB pendants, they are both swivel and tiltable to the required position – and they don’t take up space on the desktop. In the same room MIB spots on a track is illuminating a high wall covered with pin and white-boards. On the lower side of the room we used the Orbit pendant to create the diffused light in the room – actually we also mounted 3 Orbit’s as a small sculptural installation in an otherwise “dead” corner.
Over the tables in the meeting rooms the Nexus pendant creates exactly the “focused-warm-feel-good-area” over and around the table – not illuminating the room. Apart from focusing the participants it also maintains enough shadow to actually see what is going on, from a projector or in this case a wall mounted monitor.
On the terraces the outdoor floor lamp Fuse creates a very nice cozy atmosphere, in the autumn and wintertime Fuse leaves a warm glow in the rooms – and off course also in the evening for the rest of the year.
To further emphasize that Seismonaut want a nice everyday working space, we designed the spaces using furniture from HAY and Holmris, audio-visual products from B&O Play and off course the HB100 Lever handles are small jewels on the doors … just to make sure everybody leaves again.

B&O Play:
Photos: Morten Fauerby

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