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Esvagt 2014
Esvagt 2014

Esvagt delivers safety and support at sea. More specifically they have vessels to do Emergency Response and Rescue services, they help tankers, oil rigs, they do rig-moves, and they do it in harsh areas – for instance West of Greenland.
Nope, we were definitely not called in to help doing that, and with good reason – we were called in to do the interior design in the building Arkitema designed for Esvagt. The building is a fine 2000 square meter box sitting on top of a completely waterproof base because … yes, the harbour area gets flooded from time to time. The premises have all the facilities required for Esvagt’s specific needs and yet also has “break-out” areas comfortable enough to just sit and watch the ships roll in and the tide roll away … just like “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”

More info about Esvagt, please visit www.esvagt.com
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