Client: Esvagt A/S
Location: Esbjerg, Denmark
Completed: 2014

Esvagt 2014
Company Domicile, Esvagt, 2014 – © Bonnelycke mdd

Esvagt delivers safety and support at sea. More specifically they have vessels to do Emergency Response and Rescue services, they help tankers, oil rigs, they do rig-moves, and they do it in harsh areas – for instance West of Greenland.
Nope, we were definitely not called in to help doing that, and with good reason – we were called in to do the interior design in the building Arkitema designed for Esvagt. The building is a fine 2000 square meter box sitting on top of a completely waterproof base because … yes, the harbour area gets flooded from time to time. The premises have all the facilities required for Esvagt’s specific needs and yet also has “break-out” areas comfortable enough to just sit and watch the ships roll in and the tide roll away … just like “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”

Shelves and wardrobes:
Upholstred furniture and small tables:

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