Client: Nordlux A/S
Completed: 2015

Audio wizard (video): Torben Westergaard … the master himself !

Up until now Nordlux has printed a huge catalogue every year, and with great success … only thing is that by now the catalogue has grown into a huge “book” where design products and all other products has been mixed and all technical specs for every each fixture has been available. So far so good … except if you, as we, like to look at the looks, be inspired and then finding out the specs when they are needed this new DFTP Magazine is a somewhat more interesting starting point … and yes a lot easier to carry home.
We designed the DFTP Magazine in such a way that both high quality images, taken by professional skilled photographers, and low quality images from web based medias i.e. Nordlux own Facebook and Instagram … can be and is used side by side. That not only opens a whole new “library” to choose from, it also shows life, and real everyday creative ways of using the Design For The People fixtures … the way you did it.

Click on the image above to browse the complete DFTP Magazine in English … or here to read it in Danish, German or French

… and just for the fun of it, here is a little movie from one of the photo shoots – and as always “audiofied” to the exact right mood by the great Torben Westergaard.

Product information:
Complete magazine: DFTP Magazine on
Audio wizard (video): Torben Westergaard … the master himself !

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