Client: Arla Unika
Completed: 2015

Arla is definitely the biggest dairy manufacturer in Denmark … Unika is definitely where they set the new higher standards for dairy products, and that is very high. Actually the Unika products has for some years mainly been available in very fine dining restaurants, now they are available right from this new store.
And that’s not all … Unika coöperate with other Danish “feinschmecker” manufacturers, together they pair for instance a special coffee with a specific cheese, a certain wine with another cheese, and frankly speaking – the results are stunning !
We were hired to design Unika’s brandstores – yes stores, there will be more than this one – so the bespoke interior and furniture, the illumination, the colours, the textures, actually all what is the Unika atmosphere had to be designed  scalable, since no two locations are the same.
Take a tour in the gallery from the opening of the shop, outside, inside and right down to details … and by the way we are already working on the next shop …

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