What is more Italian and smells more like family than The Corleone’s?!
Piccolo and Grappa Deli, maybe?…

But there are no criminals or mafiosos here! The owners and staff at Piccolo and Grappa Deli are only guilty of making your want to stay longer at this little Italian, cosy, down-to-earth eatery and take away shop, located by Aarhus stream alongside their popular older sister restaurant, Grappa.

As with older sister Grappa, the interior design emphasizes the relaxed and cozy atmosphere, no matter if you want to shop authentic Italian specialties or want to stay and enjoy the food at the eatery – and choosing one or the other, is as simple as going up or down the stairs.

Though the Grappa kinship is quite apparent, Piccolo and Grappa Deli had to be given a life of their own. We needed design choices that would make the shared spirit apparent, but still make them stand out from older sister Grappa.

An example of this is combining the shop and the eatery with decorative floor tiles floating through the building from the top floor takeaway to the ground floor eatery. 
We also kept the staircase open to let guests catch a
glimpse of both venues and easily lead them to and from. We used the same wall tiles to identify working areas, same colours for bespoke furnitures, similar lighting designs. Throughout, design elements that honoured important keywords like ‘Italian’, ‘free and easy’, ‘accessibility’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘cosy’ were used to achieve the right feel and the right look.

We can’t promise you Cannolis, but we love the place and hopefully you will too!

… and as always, besides the bespoke furniture and the interior, we also designed the, logos, menus, signage etc.


Photos: © 2018 – all rights reserved, Jeppe Kirk.

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