is the basic structure on which all other parts are founded. This takes place at street level and the building and the aspect of the building is located in an environment on which we have no influence. At the same time, it is imperative that the building and the aspect of the building interact with the surroundings. Architecture includes buildings, aspects of buildings, manufacturing plants, extensions and single-family houses, which Bønnelycke mdd has designed and subsequently overseen the construction of.

Thus, architecture encompasses everything that cannot immediately be moved or rolled aside, once we have completed our work. Consequently, the overall lines represent a very unique obligation. The end-user must be comfortable and the infrastructure must work. Details such as surfaces, handles, lighting and colour are secondary in this respect. However, architecture is not successful until all details have been accurately prioritized and combined.

The joy of working with architecture is basically related to the joy of working with and around boundaries given beforehand. In fact, our creativity is stimulated by such boundaries because we are forced to utilize them optimally – both physically and financially. An assignment with no boundaries loses its importance. There must be a starting point as well as definitive end.

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