basically includes all items to which we situate our bodies. Simply put: man needs to sit, eat, sleep and store things. Furniture design is very much about rules: the rules of comfort and movement. The comfort level can be determined visually and the human eye is very quick when carrying out a screening of the furniture available.
In our work with furniture design, we place emphasis on making the idea behind our furniture designs obvious. Our intentions must not in any way compete with each other or create confusion for any of our designs – if that is the case, we prefer to do more than one design…

Often, a furniture manufacturer will commission us to create a whole new series of furniture or to adapt his manufacturing facilities to his specific requirements. Typical assignments involve the introduction of new materials, new machinery, new types of wooden material or a new type of welding. Our job is to optimize utilization of the existing potential through design-oriented solutions. Other times, we carry out large interior decorating assignments and find ourselves in need of a chair or storage unit with certain, functional characteristics. Several pieces of such furniture have subsequently gone into production with great success.

What sets our way of working with furniture apart is that we prefer to carry out the process in close coöperation with our customers. Often, we have benefited from illustrating our ideas step by step during the developing process and before they go into production. Finished prints have a tendency to appear untouchable. That is why we share our ideas as early as the sketching phase while the project is still wide open.