encompasses both innovative product development and alterations of all products with a certain function to people in general. It includes everything from lamps, door handles, coat hangers, spectacles and sun glasses to sinks, taps, dispensers and perfume bottles.

Over time, product design has provided Bønnelycke MDD with an invaluable insight into many different areas. For example, spectacle frames require a certain amount of knowledge in terms of anatomy, mounting, weight and collections. A coffee set involves considerations about temperature, thickness, size, stacking abilities and cleaning. Lamps are not only about lighting but paradoxically also about creating the right amount of shade.

Product design by Bønnelycke MDD is characterized by curiosity and uncompromising thoroughness. We apply in-house rapid prototyping as part of our outlining process which allows for concretization of product specifications at a very early stage in the process. The fact that our product designs are often used in large interior decorating assignments provides us with a unique opportunity to test them. They will subsequently be either in demand, commented upon or altered – which ultimately enables us to assess whether they are suited for real manufacturing.

The only competitive parameter left is design. Price and quality are common denominators which anybody can live up to.

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