Bønnelycke MDD is a Multi Disciplinary Design company with both national and international experience. We are perfectionists with professional curiosity.

We offer a variety of design disciplines encompassing architecture and interior design, furniture design and product design to communication assignments, graphic design and web design.

At Bønnelycke we do not design for the sake of it. We believe that design does not hold any values per se. To us, the value of a design emerges when a product has relevance and when it is purchased, used and appreciated – this is why we design.

We view all assignments through the same optic irrespective of the scale, and approach them with equal dedication and enthusiasm.
We carefully define the wishes, goals and conditions relevant to each assignment. The joy of working with and around boundaries is a driving force providing inspiration to our designs.
Visual communication during the process creates a vital platform for debate, understanding, coöperation and ultimately completion of an assignment. Our objective is to create valid, all-round solutions for our costumers – whether they are private individuals or corporate units.

Many of our clients are manufacturers who operate by means of either in-house production or through sub suppliers. Thus, since 1988, we have accumulated a substantial amount of design knowledge and manufacturing experience within the global market. Our assignments often integrate several of our disciplines. This generates a credible image and a customized life cycle of the designed product. This means that the complete life span of each product from manufacturing, distribution and packaging through to context and sales is important to us.

We do not accommodate our clients under false pretences. Qualified sparring is our clients’ guarantee for strong and competent solutions, which are profitable and aesthetic, and we do not compromise in this respect. Customer / Bønnelycke relationships are often long-term and based on mutual respect, loyalty and trust, which is the result of honest open dialogue, credible designs and last but not least, financial viability.

We are committed to providing our clients with what they pay for – which is their own design!


Bønnelycke MDD was established in 1988. Driven by a nosurpressable urge and desire to work constructively and innovatively, Henrik Bønnelycke started his career with the design of lamps, furniture and interior decorating. Quickly, he became known as an unconventional architect with no whims and fancies. His ability to challenge and optimize the manufacturing process itself is to be found in Henrik’s original professional background as a toolmaker.
”It could be fun” and ”of course it can be done” – are phrases often used in his company.

From day one, the core of his work has been to create products simply because they are needed. Designs by Bønnelycke MDD grow out of a specific need or requirement expressed by the customer – and by the general public as such. This has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of projects and designs allowing the company to slowly but steadily expand over the years.


At Bønnelycke MDD, we create well-defined guidelines each time we initiate a new assignment or new phases within an assignment. Any coöperation with us implies a clear overall view of all procedures initiated by Bønnelycke and at what cost. Consensus of each step within the process is important to maintain focus – and to know the extent of the investment.

Bønnelycke MDD has achieved ISO certification. The Designer ISO 9001:2008 certification is your guarantee that we meet the defined standards and that our partners experience homogeneity in the framework and procedures of each project. The ISO certification also implies external follow-ups and control of whether the adapted procedures are actually met, so that there is consensus between intent and reality.