represents the icing on the cake of a product. It conveys an immediate signal of what your product is about, the genre and price group to which it belongs. Graphic identity is like a music sheet: It offers direction but the notes should not be on your mind once the music is playing.
Identity is not something you create: It is something you have – and show. At Bønnelycke MDD, the graphic work is a fully integrated part of interior decorating, store concepts, product design and furniture design. The fact that we have integrated the graphic aspect as an in-house function enables us to handle projects from A to Z. Consequently, the graphic part of the identity is not something we merely stick on in the eleventh hour.

It is, with graphic identity as it is with ”the one and only” – it is the beginning of a long relationship. Often, Bønnelycke MDD has been commissioned to update an already existing logo. The old identity is brought up to contemporary standards while remaining recognizable. This calls for special consideration and carefulness because the best characteristics must be maintained. The logo establishes a company and immediately places it within a certain genre, hierarchy, and in the right league.

At Bønnelycke MDD, we are happy to accept assignments exclusively related to graphic design.

Logos, names, stationary, business cards, trade fair presentations, invoices, posters, advertisements, brochures, catalogues, user manuals, post cards, packaging graphics, anniversary books, press material, press imagery, press CDs, layout (dtp), files, boxes, covers, menus, show cards, napkins, door signs, product sheets, labels, websites, foil displays, banners, magazine designs etc.

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